5 bedroom villa in sotogrande costa for sale

5 bedroom villa in sotogrande costa for sale

5 bedroom villa in sotogrande costa for sale

Calle Alvarado 55, Sotogrande

For Sale


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438 Sq meter

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This is a beautiful Villa very well designed and very stylishly decorated and furnished. Private and secure in a much desired gated community.
There is an immediate feeling of calmness and serenity when entering through the substantial oak door from the driveway into the hallway.
This large entrance area allows entry to the downstairs apartments including designer kitchen five double bedrooms the living area and direct access to the manicured gardens and pool.
The staircase leads gracefully up to the master bedroom with en-suite bath and shower, dressing area lots of fitted wardrobes and a stunning terrace which overlooks the pool and gardens, also an open fireplace. Again this feeling of well being and peacefulness emanates from every room, this is a family home.
There has been a lot of attention by the owners to allow areas of tranquillity and relaxation which nestle all around the pool with its covered terraces and lush well-kept gardens.
Orange, lime and lemon trees sit at the bottom of this established garden with high trees, shrubs and flowering bushes allowing for more privacy.
As I mentioned earlier every part of this home has been tastefully decorated and the kitchen being a focal point to most families has a relaxing area with log burner and TV.
Every room on the ground floor allows a view and access to the pool and gardens. The large bright living room has two views on to the pool and gardens, very cosy with an open fireplace, again this feeling of peace and quiet.
This substantial property was completed in 2003 with no expense spared in its design and construction, this is very obvious when walking in and around the building.

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